Illinois To Permit Abortions For Minors Without Parental Consent

Illinois has just enacted new law effective next year that will permit minor females to obtain an abortion without parental permission. Meanwhile, all other medical procedures will still require consent from parents. Advocates of the abortion industry are applauding the new law, saying that it “expands health care options” for children.

Republican State Rep. Avery Bourne issued a statement saying that the new law “strips parents of basic rights” to know what is going on with their minor daughters. Bourne added that removing the requirement for parental consent increases the chances for physical exploitation and abuse and makes human trafficking of minor girls more likely to go unchecked.

Democratic state Sen. Melinda Bush said in a press release that access to “reproductive health care” at a young age is “crucial.” She added that by providing abortions without notice to parents, the state is “giving young girls bodily autonomy.”

Illinois Democrats use the typical abortionist rhetoric of “reproductive health care” to conceal that many young people are likely to be troubled by killing an unborn baby.

Illinois Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker proudly declared the “progressive” step of allowing minor girls to kill babies without telling their parents. Pritzker said that the state is establishing itself as a leader in ensuring access to “healthcare services,” which he claims are under attack around the country. He thanked the state lawmakers who removed the notice requirement to “keep young people safe.”

Existing Illinois law already had exceptions to notice requirements for abortions provided to minor girls. The law passed in 1995 required doctors to notify a minor’s parents at least 48 hours before performing an abortion. That notice was waived in cases where the minor is an abuse victim or has been declared to be a neglected child and when a child is emancipated or married. Notice is also waived under specific medical emergencies or a previous waiver of notice executed by a parent in writing. A court order can also excuse the notice.

Illinois parents, in all cases, will soon be legally kept in the dark about their minor childrens’ healthcare and the lives of their unborn children.