Indiana Teacher Under Fire For Anti-Police Sentiment

Since the rise of the “defund the police” movement, there have been escalating attacks on law enforcement officers. Just recently in Alabama, one man tried to mow down a Decatur officer who was at home with his wife and children.

Conservatives have long warned about the dangerous nature of anti-police sentiment. However, it still remains alive and well within various factions of the political left.

As seen by different attempts on officers’ lives, it’s going to be quite some time before the impacts of the “defund the police” movement end.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, another horrific example of hatred for police has emerged.

Horrible News Out of Fishers High School
Last month, Indiana police officer Noah Shahnavaz was working a routine traffic stop, during which he was killed after being shot. Since his passing, Americans learned that the individual who shot Shahnavaz is looking at the death penalty.

He’d been on the job for just under one year in addition to serving in the military for five years.

Naturally, Shahnavaz’s death was upsetting to his family, including his younger brother, who attends Fishers High School. Before his passing, Shahnavaz also attended this same institution when he was in high school.

When the late police officer’s younger brother went back to his high school, he discovered that one of the teachers displayed a “defund the police” sign on her desk.

Even after Shahnavaz’s family learned of this and raised issues about it, roughly two days passed before the sign was removed. The teacher claimed that it was initially kept up from last year’s school period.

The Statement From Fishers High School
In the wake of the teacher’s “defund the police” sign, Fishers High School has released a statement.

According to the school, the sign was a “research project” detailing the pros and cons of removing funding from law enforcement. Fishers High School then claimed it acknowledges the pain this would cause for Shahnavaz’s younger brother and the rest of his family.

Eventually, the facility apologized and claimed the situation was rectified once they became aware of it. Fishers High School did not mention any sort of disciplinary action for the teacher who kept the sign on her classroom’s desk.