“Infamy” – In One Word Donald Trump Eviscerates Biden Afghanistan Withdrawal

Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration over the weekend for its tragically negligent and incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. In a word, the former president stamped the operation with the label it may bear forever in the annals of history: “Infamy.”

“The Afghanistan tragedy will further mark what should have been an honorable and dignified September 11th,” Donald Trump said, 20 years after the catastrophic terrorist attack that killed 3,000 Americans in one day, “The Administration’s surrender will go down in infamy.”

Donald Trump had negotiated peace with the Taliban and a timetable for a rapid U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. His efforts resulted in the conclusion of a 20-year nation-building quagmire that went on for ten more years after Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan at a compound in Islamabad and executed in a raid by a Navy SEAL unit.

But had number 45 been reelected to continue his administration for a contiguous two terms, Trump might not have left Afghanistan in a state of surrender. Instead, the Republican president might have left Afghanistan in a show of strength, in an orderly and safe withdrawal, sparing the lives of many Americans and people of other nationalities in the area.

The problem with the American electorate in 2020 was they did not look at the big picture. Americans had their eyes glued to the mainly manufactured Covid crisis, just like Biden supporters’ corporate press and coalition wanted them to.

And Democrats were eager to hand Donald Trump an election defeat as payback for what they have still felt all these years later, without ever talking themselves down from the delusion, was a stolen election. They felt like Hillary Clinton was entitled to win in 2016, so because she didn’t, they caught feelings and got hurt and have not been able to swallow their pride and engage in politics in a mature, civil, pleasant, and forward-looking way.

They could have kept the president in office who had orchestrated peace after two decades of war to continue managing U.S. foreign policy in the middle of a delicate military drawdown in an unstable region. Instead, they chose to jolt the entire U.S. military and foreign policy apparatus in the middle of this for partisan reasons.

They put the party above the country, and many people have had to pay with their lives, including the 13 U.S. Marines killed by a suicide bomber at Bagram airbase. And including the U.S. aid worker who was killed in a drone strike by the Biden Administration, who mistakenly thought he was an ISIS-K terrorist.

It is more embarrassing to the country than the botched Blackhawk rescue operation in Iran under Jimmy Carter. “Infamy” is the exact right word, and Donald Trump was correct to use it.

The U.S. military tracked the aid worker around for hours in a white Toyota Corolla. The Biden administration says it believed the man had packed the car with explosives. But security footage since the deadly strike reveals the man was filling his car with water for his house.

The former president had a word for Biden about that too: “They did this strike quickly, to show they are tough. Instead, they killed a USAID worker and many children.” If Trump were president, people would have gotten fired for this, “This is what happens when you have grossly incompetent people at the helm.”