Informant Charges FBI Told Michigan Police to Allow Protesters Into Michigan Capitol

The entrapment attempt by the FBI in the so-called kidnapping plot against Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer failed. And now an FBI informant revealed the FBI told Michigan police to allow the May 2020 protesters into the state Capitol to defuse the scene.

The FBI has had quite a time of it lately, and that’s not only with the unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home. Many clearly see the weaponization of the Bureau to go up against opponents of the Biden administration and Democrats in general.

Federal authorities labeled the “masterminds” behind the so-called plot but failed to secure indictments. Now two of the alleged conspirators are being retried after a previous jury could not reach a verdict in the case.

This, however, led to disturbing information about what actually happened in Lansing that day.

On Monday, an FBI informant who was at the Michigan Capitol testified that he was wearing a wire for the Bureau that day. Dan Chappel was with the Wolverine Watchmen at the COVID-19 lockdown protest and said he was concerned about the day turning violent.

When he told his FBI handlers of his concern, it is reported that they specifically asked Michigan State Police to allow people to enter the state Capitol building to “de-escalate” the potentially explosive standoff.

Turns out there was no violence to de-escalate despite the presence of armed protesters. This, however, does not come close to answering the most important questions.

Putting aside the fact that the FBI had at least one informant in the case, exactly how does it “de-escalate” a situation to allow protesters into the Capitol?

If the concern is for preventing violence, wouldn’t the first priority be to keep protesters out of the building? That is, of course, if that is the concern.

The FBI has taken a serious turn away from its traditional law enforcement role, and that started well before their highly publicized and controversial raid on a former president’s private residence. In a country begging for law enforcement, this does not bode well.