Intruder Shot By Homeowner During Midnight Attack

A homeowner in Commerce City, Colorado, told police that an intruder broke into his residence early Sunday morning and assaulted him. In response, the homeowner retrieved a firearm and fatally shot the intruder, according to The Blaze. Commerce City is located approximately 20 minutes northeast of Denver.

The incident occurred around 2:45 a.m. on the 5300 block of East 64th Avenue. The homeowner informed officers that he was attacked by an unknown man who had entered his home. Detective Sgt. Derek Aragon mentioned that the homeowner initially claimed he was struck with a pistol during the attack. The homeowner sustained significant injuries and was hospitalized.

“He was pretty beaten up — face and whole body. He had obvious injuries,” Aragon told the station, adding that the homeowner sought help by running down the street after the shooting. Responding officers found the alleged intruder, an adult male, deceased inside the home, as reported by KCNC-TV. The residence appeared to be in disarray, suggesting a struggle had occurred.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident to determine if the shooting falls under Colorado’s “Make My Day” law, which permits the use of deadly force against intruders under certain circumstances. “As of right now, in the early stages, it’s looking that way, but we’re still trying to piece that together,” Aragon stated.

Christopher Decker, a legal analyst for KDVR, explained that the “Make My Day” law allows homeowners to use deadly force against unlawful intruders who pose physical threats. “If it’s an open-and-shut case of an armed homeowner shooting an intruder, they’re probably not going to file charges against the homeowner,” Decker added.

The Adams County Coroner has yet to identify the deceased intruder. Police are requesting witnesses to provide information by contacting the Commerce City Police Department tip line at 303-289-3626.

Observers on social media largely support the homeowner’s actions, emphasizing the importance of self-defense and the rights provided under the “Make My Day” law.