Iran Launches Rocket Into Space

During the Biden Administration, Iran has taken public steps toward showing its renewed intentions regarding nuclear weapons. The Iranian government has launched a rocket into space, claiming that it was deploying “research devices.” Many Western nations condemned the launch, claiming it violated UN Security Council resolutions regarding Iranian weapons development.

ABC News reported that the rocket shown in a video it examined was labeled as the “Simorgh Satellite Carrier.” A regime spokesperson said that the rocket deployed “three research devices” at an altitude of 290 miles. Reports do not indicate whether the rocket reached orbit. Iranian state media said that the launch achieved its “intended research objectives.”

Through a spokesperson, Joe Biden’s State Department said that the US was aware of the launch and claimed it violated a UN Security Council resolution from 2015. The statement said that the US is “concerned” about Iran’s work on space vehicles because they are a “significant proliferation concern.”

During the administration of President Donald Trump in 2019, the US officially sanctioned the state space agency in Iran. Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the time that Iran was using space research as a cover for a program to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles as attack weapons.

The latest Iranian rocket launch comes just a week after the regime launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles as a “warning to Israel.” The UK condemned that exercise immediately but did not draw comments right away from the US.

The US did get around to condemning the ballistic launches threatening Israel after the space rocket launch. The State Department said that the two launch exercises were linked to the nation’s nuclear ambitions in violation of the UN resolutions.

Meanwhile, the US continues to hold diplomatic talks with the Iranian regime in Vienna, hoping to end a hostile Iranian nuclear program.