Israeli Hostage Families Urge Biden to Reconsider Hamas Strategy

Amid rising tensions in the Middle East, families of Israeli hostages have issued a strong appeal to President Joe Biden, urging him to refrain from interfering in Israel’s military strategy against Hamas. The Tikva Forum for Families of Hostages, representing those affected by the October 7 Hamas attack, released a statement condemning Biden’s recent comments and proposed plans.

In a recent press briefing, Biden claimed that Israel had offered a “comprehensive new proposal” including measures that Israel never approved. He also criticized Israel’s pursuit of “total victory” over Hamas, suggesting it would not secure lasting peace.

Hamas responded favorably to Biden’s speech, a reaction that has alarmed the families of hostages. The Tikva Forum argues that Biden’s stance is detrimental to Israel’s security and undermines its efforts to defeat Hamas.

“The Biden administration’s continued pressure on the Israeli government’s decision-making during this existential war is unacceptable,” the group asserted. They called on Biden to rely on Israel’s experienced leadership to navigate the conflict effectively.

The forum emphasized that Hamas must be entirely destroyed to prevent further massacres. They warned that showing any weakness could encourage future attacks. “The abductees will only be returned if Hamas is totally dismantled and begs for help,” the group stated.

One controversial aspect of Biden’s plan involves allowing Gazans to return to the northern Gaza Strip before all hostages are released. The Tikva Forum believes this would remove crucial leverage from Israel, potentially endangering the hostages. “Please, Honorable @POTUS, respect the decisions made by Israel’s elected leadership and stand by us as a true ally in this difficult time,” they pleaded.

The Biden administration also published a graphic outlining the plan, which Israel swiftly rejected. Israel clarified that its own proposal allows the war to continue until all objectives, including the destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities, are met.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office reiterated Israel’s conditions for ending the war: dismantling Hamas’s military and governing structures, releasing all hostages, and ensuring Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel. “The notion that Israel will agree to a permanent ceasefire before these conditions are fulfilled is a non-starter,” Netanyahu’s office stated.