J.K. Rowling Obliterates Doctors Calling Disabled Women ‘Psychotic’

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, a noted feminist who vehemently disagrees with radical transgender ideology, defended disabled women who want feminine health care from women only.

There is a mad rush to have every man who considers himself female to have full status of womanhood with no barriers. Rowling, however, found a bright line to draw in defense of natural women.

A Twitter debate included several postings from self-proclaimed doctors who slammed women who want to have only females for intimate health care. Some of the “doctors” described these women as “psychotically hung up” on opposing gender ideology.

Rowling expressed hope that the commenters were not medically licensed doctors but “standard misogynist trolls.” Still, is she far off from reality when recognizing that many disabled women or women in general prefer actual female doctors for some services.

No matter, because the trans mob simply added Rowling’s statements to the long list of perfectly sensible facts to be enraged over. And many of the attacks on the famed author and feminist included veiled and not-so-veiled threats.

Twitter recently removed a post by trans radical Faye Fadem threatening the author. It was a music video that featured the lyrics “J.K. I hope you fit in a hearse” along with “As I kill TERFS (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists).”

Fadem doubled down on the threatening video, saying that trans people daily receive far more hatred. The poster called it “very tame” considering what he/she regularly receives in their comment section.

It began in the pandemic-dominated summer of 2020 when Rowling took issue with an article that replaced “women” with “people who menstruate.” After a deluge of criticism and threats from woke mobs, Rowling confirmed her previous statements with “it isn’t hate speech to speak the truth.”

Rowling paid a heavy price for speaking the obvious truth. Several of the high-profile actors who made many millions from her creative talents cut ties with the author over her stand.

She was even excluded from the live segments of this year’s “Harry Potter” reunion event on HBO due to outcry from the “trans community.”

How many mothers and grandmothers choose a female doctor for personal exams and procedures? Not wanting someone who feels like a woman this week for intimate health care is hardly surprising and certainly not hateful. Just don’t tell the trans mob.