James O’Keefe Exposes BlackRock

Independent journalist James O’Keefe has released a bombshell video exposing the shady dealings of BlackRock Inc., a prominent investment management and financial services firm. The video, produced by O’Keefe’s media group (OMG), features an interview with BlackRock recruiter Serge Varlay, who made startling claims about the company’s influence.

Varlay revealed that due to the massive amounts of money under BlackRock’s control in the global market, they essentially have the power to “run the world.” However, he quickly added that BlackRock preferred to operate behind the scenes, avoiding public scrutiny.

During the interview, Varlay divulged that financial institutions like BlackRock engage in the practice of buying politicians. He brazenly stated, “All of these financial institutions, they buy politicians.” According to him, a mere $10,000 could secure the purchase of a senator. To emphasize his point, he even offered an immediate transaction of $500,000.

Varlay went on to explain the key to power lies in controlling the wallets of politicians rather than focusing on the presidency itself. He claimed the ability to influence candidates was instrumental in shaping political landscapes. These statements have raised serious concerns about financial interests dictating political decisions and undermining the democratic process.

In a different segment of the video, Varlay discussed the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine but solely from a financial perspective. He highlighted the business opportunities presented by the situation, stating, “Ukraine is good for business.”

Varlay elaborated that if Russia were to destroy Ukraine’s grain silos, it would cause wheat prices to soar, impacting the entire economy. He expressed excitement over the volatility of such events, asserting that war is a highly lucrative business.

While Varlay acknowledged that other financial institutions engage in similar practices of “buying politicians” and manipulating global markets, he emphasized that BlackRock’s management of an astounding $20 trillion made the company particularly powerful.

The unmasking of this video raises serious questions about the extent of BlackRock’s influence and the potential consequences of its actions. It underscores the need for transparency and scrutiny within the financial sector, as well as a reassessment of the relationship between money and politics.