Jill Biden Admits Americans Have Negative View Of Joe’s Administration

Jill Biden paid a patronizing visit to a non-profit school in Kansas this week. She referred to her appearance at the primarily Latino school as a “Charla,” or Spanish for “chat.” While “Dr. Jill” was doing her best Peggy Hill Substitute Teacher of the Year impersonation, she made a somewhat unexpected admission about Joe’s administration.

When describing the power Washington, D.C. expects to have in running every aspect of American life. Jill said that she thinks “many times people don’t have a positive image of the government.”

While it is painfully evident that Jill Biden’s statement is true, it is revealing that she believes that the federal government’s “image problem” is simply a matter of messaging. Like virtually all leftists, she seems to think that ordinary people would love her policy ideas if they just knew about or understood them.

Jill Biden and other Democrats devoted to the idea that the government can solve all human problems are never capable of stepping out of the philosophical box they are stuck in. As devotees, they believe that everyone will love their ideas if they listen to them.

The messaging effort by leftists never ends, however. Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars were blown advertising the wonders of Obamacare to get Americans on board with buying health insurance specified by the government even if they decided they didn’t want to.

Politicians stuck in their D.C. beltway mindset fail to understand that ordinary Americans do not care about the details of their policy positions when grocery, gas, and energy prices are skyrocketing and their savings are eroding. They still believe that if they smile for the cameras and act as if they are concerned, citizens will listen to them and love them.

Jill Biden probably doesn’t deserve unnecessary scorn, in that she is likely not bright enough to understand why America doesn’t unequivocally accept and love her, Joe, and Kamala. It’s also unlikely that she and her group will consider any “messaging” other than a more extensive and more invasive federal government as the solution for every problem.