Jill Biden Promotes Democratic Donor’s School That Assists Illegal Immigrants And Promotes CRT

As Joe Biden’s crisis on the southern border rages on, the First Lady is busy promoting a Democratic donor’s private school dedicated to teaching illegal immigrants to avoid being arrested for violating U.S. law.

Jill Biden traveled at the invitation of Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) to Kansas City, Kansas, on Tuesday to the El Centro Academy. She was the guest of the school’s president and CEO, Irene Caudillo, who has been a political contributor to both Joe Biden and Davids.

El Centro has developed instructional materials to teach illegal immigrants to evade arrest by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. One of the school’s videos tells aliens to ignore ICE agents if they come in contact with them and tells them to contact a “member of the community” who is legally in the country. The school has also worked with Kansas City’s Chamber of Commerce to advertise “safe spaces” for illegals that will not cooperate with ICE to shield illegals from deportation.

The Biden White House announced new rules last month that curtail ICE authority to arrest or deport illegals. Meanwhile, the number of illegal crossings along the southern border is higher than in decades. The total number of encounters with illegals in 2021 is expected to reach almost two million.

El Centro has also received a substantial amount of funding from UnidosUS. This left-wing immigration organization defends teaching critical race theory in all U.S. public schools, beginning in kindergarten. The group publicizes CRT as a “truthful retelling of our nation’s history.”

Caudillo serves on the board of directors of Revolucion Educativa, a group affiliated with the Latinx Education Collaborative of Kansas City. That organization promotes CRT as an “important framework” for middle and high school students.

Davids was questioned in August about her endorsement of a catalog of books published by a firm that describes itself as “radical.” Some of the listed books are CRT resources, including The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop and From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation.

After the first lady received criticism in the past for stating her intention to take a leadership role in forming a “task force” to reunite separate illegal immigrant families, she has taken some steps to stay out of the middle of the evolving border crisis.