Joe Biden Almost ‘Smacks’ Himself In The Face With A Windmill Blade

As if President Biden hadn’t given enough signs that he’s mentally and physically too feeble to serve as chief executive for the world’s most incredible superpower, he recently almost smacked himself in the face with a windmill blade.

The president was touring Golden, Colorado over the weak when he continued his streak of clumsiness so persistent and severe that it has many Americans wondering about neurological degeneration in the central nervous system of the man who’s got the nuclear codes.

It’s not just far-right-wing conservative Republicans who don’t want to see a Democrat in office that thinks Biden has dementia or some other creeping, degenerative condition. Even centrist progressives like Joe Rogan, who is friendly to Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders, and has had them on his podcast, have doubted Joe Biden’s physical faculties and mental acuities are to par for the job of president.

Rogan was saying that since before the election after Joe Biden looked feeble, tired, and confused at many points throughout the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. His campaign handlers were wise to keep Joe out of the spotlight during that time so Americans wouldn’t realize they were electing a walking corpse to the White House. It turns out the zombie apocalypse genre was onto something.

But since becoming president, Biden has not been able to conceal it. Soon after taking office, Joe somehow managed to accomplish the fantastic, physics-defying fear of falling up a flight of stairs while trying to climb the steps to Air Force One. It isn’t delightful, this the leader of the United States of America, after we had such a strong, healthy, vigorous young man in the office this time last year.

Now, while touring a renewable energy laboratory, the president was pushing on a windmill blade to see how flexible it is and even though he just saw the tour guide doing it, he pushed it so hard it almost flew back and hit him right in the nose. This guy is like Steve Urkel, only not as bright, or Wile E. Coyote.

What Joe was probably doing was his conscience was trying to show him how his vaccine mandate would turn out. He’s pushing too hard, and it’s going to come back and smack him in the poll numbers and public support for the rest of his legislative agenda. But then again, Joe has already given up on even having a legislative agenda. The president has gone off the charts with executive orders, publishing 61 in his first six months in office.

Comrade Joseph Biden issued 28 of these within his first month in office. For comparison, Trump issued 220 executive orders during his entire four years as president. And the mainstream media yelped that the executive power had become so unrestrained in the Trump era. So at this pace, Joe Biden is pushing for 500 executive orders in one presidential term. And the media will be sure to cheer on every single one of them regardless of anyone’s actual opinion about it because partisan politics means never holding any principles.

The media and Biden are both pushing the American people too far, just like that windmill blade.