Joe Biden Has $5.2 Million in Unexplained Income

Newly revealed emails indicate that Joe Biden obtained $5.2 million of income from unknown sources at a time he was deeply entangled financially with his son, Hunter Biden.

It appears Joe Biden agreed to help pay Hunter’s legal bills he incurred after his deal with a company controlled by the communist Chinese government.

The Daily Mail has reported that some of Joe Biden’s income came from book deals and speaking engagements. He declared almost $7 million more of income on his tax forms than on his government financial disclosures.

The report found that even after accounting for Jill Biden’s salary and the other income, there is still $5.2 million that was received by Joe Biden’s corporation that is not detailed in his transparency filings.

The paper stated that the missing funds and the emails found on Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop “suggest Joe would have a 10 percent share” in Hunter’s huge Chinese deal.

Meanwhile, the administration continues to dig in its heels. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reiterated this week that the official statement is that Joe has never even spoken to Hunter about any of his international business arrangements.

Psaki was asked Wednesday if the president has ever spoken with Hunter’s business partners about Hunter’s dealings. She responded by saying “nothing has changed,” and said the “president does not get involved in the business dealings of his son.”

Reporting earlier this week shows that Hunter’s primary business partner, Eric Schwerin, met personally with Joe Biden while he was serving as vice president in the Obama administration. That visit was just one of Schwerin’s 27 recorded visits to the White House while Obama was president.

Schwerin also visited Kaitlyn Demers in 2016 when she served as associate counsel in the vice president’s office. She is now a special assistant to President Biden and Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is one of the leading Republicans casting doubt on the Biden White House’s version of the story. Grassley said the evidence of “the president’s financial and business connections to Hunter continues to grow.” He added that it is imperative that the Biden family provide Americans the “transparency they deserve.”