Joe Biden Has No Good Answer After Peter Doocy Confronts Him On Unvaccinated Migrants Crossing The Border

There is no doubt that the Biden Administration has been releasing migrants into the country without any court dates within a 60-day window to report to an ICE officer for their legal proceedings, to which many of them do not show up and are residing in the country as illegal entities liable to deportation. It was also recorded that all migrants crossing the border are not thoroughly screened for the Covid-19 virus and pose a severe threat to the state’s health sector amid pandemic with the Delta Variant spreading rapidly across the country.

During an interview with Biden, Fox News and White House correspondent Peter Doocy attempted to obtain a straight answer from him about the Covid-19 mitigation approach during a border crisis with illegals being let into the country. Doocy is known for asking controversial questions to the politicians, and after his recent interview with Jen Psaki, it was Biden’s turn to be tangoed. During a press conference about the Bidenadministration’s response towards the pandemic, he was asked about his views regarding the Covid-19 response by the Governors of Texas and Florida. He replied by indirectly rejecting their strategies, deeming their constituents against the constitution.

Biden further commented on no mask mandates in schools, calling it ‘bad health policy’ to which Doocy prepared the next question, which was about Biden administration allowing the untested and unvaccinated migrants into the country to which Biden had a delayed and indirect answer which stated that the unaccompanied children crossing the borders can not be sent back and have to be tested and treated and not sending them back alone. He called it a humane thing dismissing the real question. Doocy’s attempt to follow up with another question was met with the White House’s press corps. They rejected his question very subtly and moved on.

The Biden administration has never had a clear answer to questions asked about border control. They admit to not having dismissed their immigration policies allowing illegal aliens into the American territory but end up justifying it with a made-up excuse.