Joe Biden Is Walking Back His Promise To Run For Reelection

In recent months, the idea that Joe Biden should not run for president again has gained traction. This idea has even been shared by leftists who claim that Biden is too old and standing in the way of the next generation taking over the Democrat Party.

For a while, the Biden administration rushed to push back against this. Biden, along with those in his White House, repeatedly reiterated that he’d be running for office again. The administration even downplayed comments from leftists that urged Biden to step aside in 2024.

However, now the narrative is changing. During Biden’s 60 Minutes interview, he revised his previous commitments to running for another term in the White House.

The Latest From Biden on Running in 2024
In the 60 Minutes interview that aired this past weekend, the president said pursuing reelection is his “intention,” but it’s not a “firm” choice.

Biden declared it’s too early to tell and he’s going to make a decision about this after the midterm elections pass. Later, the president claimed he’s currently “doing his job” and happens to be very big on fate.

Biden’s updates on his plan to pursue reelection come after a recent interview with first lady Jill Biden. The first lady told NBC News days ago that she and Biden haven’t had a conversation about whether or not to run in 2024.

Seeing the Writing on the Wall
After the president changed his talking points about 2024, Americans took to social media to express their thoughts.

Questions arose about whether Biden is beginning to see that a 2024 campaign might be more difficult than he realizes. With the growing policy disasters under his administration, Biden would be hard-pressed to make the case for reelection.

Other Americans questioned whether or not Biden would be up to run for a second term even if he wanted to. For instance, less than two years into his current term, Biden’s confused locations and names during speeches, appeared dazed while on stage, and even been photographed shaking hands with thin air.

Polling continues to show that pluralities of Americans have reservations about Biden’s mental fitness to do the job, even barring policy disagreements.

To some Americans, the president’s comments on 60 Minutes were a way to give himself an out as the 2024 election season gets closer.