Joe Biden Lashes at Trump Supporters

For years on end, Democrats have been making their disdain for Trump supporters, Republicans and conservatives very well-known.

Leftists consistently dehumanize and strawman anyone who disagrees with them; this is the only way they see of holding and expanding power in America.

Yet, under the same umbrella of attacking people with opposing political views, Democrats also claim that unity and togetherness need to happen in America. When Democrats use these buzzwords, though, what they really mean is that everyone should unify around their ideas and policies.

When this doesn’t happen, the nastiness and insults start pouring out. Joe Biden and his latest tirade against Trump supporters is a prime example of this pattern, as documented by American Thinker.

The Latest From Biden on Trump Supporters

On Wednesday, the president spoke at the White House about abortion. This followed a Monday night leak from the Supreme Court, indicating a possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.

However, Biden’s statements quickly moved away from abortion and into vilifying the 80 Americans who voted for former President Trump. Biden deemed Trump supporters as “the most extreme” group in politics over the course of recent US history.

Then, the president suggested that Republicans will move to outlaw interracial marriage, gay marriage, and deny certain children access to education. None of this was rooted in any sort of facts or evidence.

However, these talking points were the president’s way of riling up his base and increasing animosity against conservatives.

The Faux Unity President

Biden’s statements about Trump supporters are awfully ironic, given his previous rhetoric about “turning down the temperature” and ending “red vs. blue” divides.

The reality is this: like other Democrats, Biden couldn’t care less about unity. What this president wants to do is force through his policies at any cost; then, he wants every American to smile and act happy, even as the country burns.

Biden’s idea of unity is forcing everyone to agree with him and fall in line with what he wants; it was never about co-existing with Americans who vote differently than him.

In the United States today, political tensions are about as high as they’ve ever been. Riots and violence are already breaking out between Americans with differing political views.

The last thing the country needs right now is a half-there president who fans the flames, stokes fear, and strawmans his political opponents. Sadly, Biden will continue doing all of these things, so long as he is president.