Joe Biden Was Humiliated By Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden’s refusal to embrace domestic energy production continues to backfire on both him and the American people. After doing everything possible to gut energy independence here at home, Biden went to other nations, including OPEC+, to plead with them for oil.

In Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia, the president has been met with cold hard rejection every time. Here in America, officials continue to remind Biden that his only recourse is to reopen domestic pipelines, drilling, and oil leases.

Instead of doing this, the president released a statement expressing his “disappointment” with OPEC+ cutting back on its daily oil supply, despite his wishes to the contrary.

Now, Saudi Arabia is now responding to Biden with a brutal scolding.

A Closer Look at Saudi Arabia’s Message to Biden
The Saudi Arabia government admonished Biden for trying to get them to spare him from the political fallout of high gas prices pre-midterms.

After claiming that OPEC+’s call wasn’t driven by an agenda to hurt the United States, Saudi Arabia said member nations within OPEC+ ultimately make decisions for their common interest.

In another humiliation for Biden, it wasn’t missed on Saudi Arabia that he wanted to avoid a spike in US gas prices ahead of the midterms. According to Saudi Arabia, however, following Biden’s request would have led to poor economic outcomes for OPEC+ nations at large.

Ultimately, this notice from Saudi Arabia shows that other nations around the world will do what is in their own best interests. This is all the more reason why Biden should be acting in America’s best interests. Sadly, he refuses to do this at every turn.

This also wouldn’t be the first time that foreign leaders embarrassed Biden on the world stage. Recently, he was given a talking-to by French President Emmanuel Macron for stating that Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine has the world approaching “Armageddon.”

Lesson Learned?
Right now, Joe Biden is being raked over the coals online, following this latest release from the Saudi Arabia government. The fact that the president didn’t mind gas prices spiking only after the midterm elections also isn’t doing him any favors.

Nevertheless, even after this latest embarrassment, it still doesn’t appear as though Biden learned his lesson. After all, there’s been no announcement from the White House of America going back to our roots of energy independence, drilling, oil leases, and US pipelines.

As a result of this, Biden is, for all intents and purposes, holding America hostage.