Joe Biden’s Easy Work Visa Policies ‘Destroying’ Job Market For US White-Collar College Graduates

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has removed virtually all American college graduates’ protection from Indian migrants rushing to take jobs with Fortune 500 companies. Jay Palmer, an immigration activist, said they “have opened up everything.”

Palmer said that DHS had removed all checks and balances, opening up immigration to any foreign graduate who wants to come into the country. He added that the result would be many white-collar American graduates filing for bankruptcy protection because of student loans.

There are now around 1.5 million foreign workers with US white-collar jobs. They generally accept below-market wages as they attempt to obtain US citizenship. They are driving American salaries down while bidding up housing costs.

A foreign contract worker told Breitbart News that some visa workers from India take multiple jobs and then outsource them to overseas workers with OPTs (optional practical training work permits).

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been encouraging the flood of white-collar labor. DHS has announced that it is opening up more avenues for foreign workers into the US labor market by reducing security and enforcement actions inside the country.

The OPT work permit program is being further expanded to benefit foreign graduates of American colleges. DHS is also working with the State Department to help employers bring in more foreign college graduates through expanding the already substantial J-1 visa program.

DHS has ceased deportation proceedings against foreign workers who overstay work visas or migrants using fraudulent documents to take American white-collar jobs. The agency is even dropping legal penalties against around 1,000 Indian and Chinese workers who fraudulently used a fictional university in 2016 to extend their OPT permits.

The lottery system used by DHS to award H-1B work visas now includes so much fraud that many of the visas awarded are duplicative. As a result, Mayorkas has opted to rerun lotteries when necessary to award the maximum number of visas.

Under the Biden Administration, visa fraud is routine, rarely publicized, and rarely punished. American media and politicians have also largely ignored the problem. However, candidates paying attention might make public awareness of the crisis an essential part of this year’s midterm federal election cycle.