Joe Biden’s Ignorance on Deterrence is Horrifying

Last week, Joe Biden traveled overseas to Europe for a meeting with NATO leaders, amid Russia’s war against Ukraine that’s been happening for over one month now.

During this president’s time in Europe, he’s delivered a series of comments that his own administration has had to walk back to avoid World War III.

One of Biden’s gaffes infamously occurred when he said American troops were going to be in Ukraine. Then, the president blundered yet again when he said Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot be permitted to stay in power.

During a press conference last week, Biden was asked about his sanctions and why they failed to deter Putin from going to war with Ukraine.

Biden’s response to this line of questioning demonstrated his ignorance and should horrify everyone, as documented by National Review.

Breaking Down Biden’s Assessment on Deterrence

The president of the United States told the media that deterrence was never the endgame of the sanctions imposed upon the Russian regime.

However, this is the polar opposite of what Vice President Kamala Harris said merely weeks ago. Harris clearly stated that the intention of sanctions has always been deterrence.

Biden didn’t just stop there. He went on to claim the longevity of sanctions and keeping them in effect over time is what will ultimately impact their target. However, history does not bear this out.

The United States has imposed sanctions against nations like North Korea, Iran, etc., for decades and it has not stopped their bad behavior or truly halted their economic activity. If Biden is counting on time to make his sanctions eventually lead to deterrence, that’s not good at all.

For autocrats like Putin, power is of greater concern than money. Meanwhile, the Russian president can also count on his alliance with China to come in handy. Finally, let’s also not forget that Putin’s own inner circle has come out and said the Russian president doesn’t care about Biden’s sanctions.

What’s the Endgame?

In all of Biden’s claims that the longevity of sanctions is what will make a difference, he never once stated his endgame for bringing the war in Ukraine to a close.

This is a war that Biden has claimed will lead to both food shortages and possible cyberattacks here in the United States.

Biden hasn’t claimed how the West wants this conflict to end, in any way whatsoever. Thus far, every single comment from this president appears to indicate that he’s flying blind without a clue and without any plans whatsoever.