Joe Rogan Has Officially Put Spotify on Notice

In 2022, just about every single American is familiar with Joe Rogan.

Rogan is the host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. On this podcast, Rogan has various guests on to talk about a series of issues ranging from current events to politics, health, diet, food, social issues, and more.

Free speech is a huge part of what makes The Joe Rogan Experience such a popular podcast. Although, as Rogan’s podcast grows, so has the backlash from leftists who would love nothing more than to see Rogan censored and pulled offline.

Weeks ago, there was some backlash against the podcaster over so-called “misinformation” from him and his guests on COVID and COVID vaccines. When the “misinformation” card didn’t get Rogan taken down, the left then accused him of being a racist.

The backlash from the woke left eventually prompted Spotify, the streaming service hosting Rogan’s podcast, to put advisory warnings on some of his content.

However, earlier this week, Rogan warned that if Spotify gets too touchy about his content, he’ll walk away from the whole platform, per The Daily Caller.

Breaking Down Rogan’s Warning to Spotify

At this time, the podcaster has a $200 million contract with Spotify to host his content. Yet, on Tuesday, Rogan explained that even this amount of money won’t allow him to go along with unfair censorship.

Rogan explained that if he’s put into a position where he feels as though he’s “walking on eggshells” or otherwise unable to express himself freely, he’ll walk away from Spotify altogether.

The podcaster then made it plain that he has no interest in “[becoming] something different” simply because of the growth of The Joe Rogan Experience or Spotify.

Spotify on Controversy Surrounding Rogan

Despite Spotify agreeing to put advisory messages on some of Rogan’s podcast episodes, the platform appears to be steering clear of censorship.

In the wake of the backlash against Rogan and calls for him to be pulled down from the internet, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated the company doesn’t plan to give Rogan the boot.

In a very public statement, Ek also went on to warn about the “slippery slope” that comes along with various viewpoints and voices being shut down.

The Spotify CEO then made it a point to mention that “open debate” and “critical thinking” are the true forces that pave the way to growth.

At this time, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast remains on Spotify, available to listeners and viewers alike.