John Fetterman Called Out By The Washington Post

In Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman is running against Republican Mehmet Oz to represent the state in the Senate. Both candidates are predictably taking shots at one another. However, some very troubling issues with Fetterman’s campaign have come up.

For one thing, Fetterman held off for quite some time before he committed to debating Oz. When the GOP candidate’s campaign previously pressed Fetterman to commit to a debate, the Democrat accused them of making fun of him having a stroke back in April.

The Oz campaign has been clear that it’s not mocking Fetterman for having a stroke. However, this health scare has raised some reasonable questions about Fetterman’s actual ability to do the job, should Pennsylvanians elect him to the Senate.

Now, even the Washington Post is admitting that Fetterman should release his medical documentation in light of having a stroke just months ago.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
The Washington Post is far from a pro-Oz, right-wing outlet. However, this publication still concedes that Fetterman must completely publicize his health records and debate Oz multiple times before Pennsylvania voters head to the polls.

Furthermore, the Washington Post described Fetterman’s doctor’s note claiming that he can run for office and serve in the Senate as “not good enough.”

The Washington Post finally stated as it’s previously pressed candidates on both sides (and in previous elections) to release their health records, Fetterman doesn’t get a free pass here.

The Truth About Fetterman’s Lack of Transparency
Republicans in and out of Pennsylvania have weighed in on why the Democrat has been less than forthcoming and previously hesitant to debate Oz.

One prevailing view is that Fetterman would struggle to credibly defend his policies that involve releasing prisoners from jail and otherwise treating crime with kid gloves.

Fetterman’s held various rallies and given several interviews. Though debating in a one-on-one setting against Oz and being asked questions that he can’t prepare for ahead of time is an entirely different ballgame.

Right now, the ongoing consensus that Fetterman owes voters transparency is now a bipartisan one. Time will tell if the Pennsylvania Democrat does actually release his medical documents and debate Oz multiple times.

Though Americans shouldn’t hold their breath while waiting for this to happen.