Jordan Peterson Slams Canadian COVID Vaccine Requirements

Canadian psychologist and best-selling author Jordan Peterson is exasperated over the Canadian government’s heavy-handed COVID-19 mandates. In an interview last week with Dave Rubin, Peterson warns that the U.S. is also moving closer to totalitarianism under cover of the continuing COVID pandemic.

Peterson said that he was most surprised by how quickly Western nations have moved toward complete state control of the population in the “immediate aftermath of the release of COVID.” He added that no one knew at the beginning how severe the virus would be and that as a result, it was an unknown threat that mimicked “phenomena throughout the animal kingdom.”

He observed that incentives cut in favor of overreacting to perceived threats, given the much higher cost of under-reaction. The risk of dying outweighs the risk of “getting fired for a minute.”

According to Peterson, the resulting herd mentality is often one of the largest threats to humanity. He said that a herd would stampede when the “most neurotic member” jumps, which leads to the entire pack following along. He said that when the Chinese acted first in response to the virus, everyone else followed, adding that it was excusable “in some sense” because the West did not know the full extent of the threat.

Peterson described the response that followed as a “breakdown of rights.” He described his own father’s choice to not receive the vaccine, at least in part because the government was telling him that he had to take it. He expressed his dismay that the Canadian government is telling unvaccinated citizens that they can’t even leave the country.

He said that he decided to get the vaccine, thinking the government may ease his restrictions. Peterson told Rubin his thinking was, “I’ll get the vaccine. You leave me alone!” He pointed out that his decision did not work out as planned and suggested that the growing movement in the U.S. toward more stringent mandates could lead in the same direction.