Jordan Subpoenas Nina Jankowicz, Two National School Boards Officials

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Monday subpoenaed Nina Jankowicz, President Joe Biden’s choice to be disinformation czar before she resigned and the panel was disbanded.

Jordan also subpoenaed a pair of senior officials with the National School Boards Association (NSBA). They are expected to testify concerning their 2021 letter to the Justice Department demanding an investigation into parents who complained to local school boards.

In the aftermath of their letter, Attorney General Merrick Garland mandated the Justice Department probe for “threats” to school boards.

Jordan’s subpoenas came after months of attempts to get Jankowicz to testify voluntarily. The representative said that the two former board members, Chip Slaven and Viola Garcia, also disregarded his requests to appear.

The glaring difference is that, at the time of the previous requests, Republicans were the House minority. That changed in January, and Jordan is none too shy about exercising the authority granted to the GOP by the nation’s voters in November.

As the Republican communicated to Jankowicz, “you have declined to comply voluntarily with our request for a transcribed interview.” That is about to change.

She was chosen to lead Biden’s ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board despite her own history of spreading falsehoods. Jankowicz had previously denounced on social media the validity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, though it has been proven to be quite authentic.

As for the NSBA members, they attempted to have the Biden administration bring the hammer down on protesting parents by claiming they engaged in “domestic terrorism.”

The pair were subpoenaed to provide both documents and testimony concerning their efforts to have parents investigated. The parents were largely critical of policies such as mask mandates as well as the spread of “woke” school curriculums and policies.

The letter sent to the White House cited 20 incidents in which the writers complained that teachers and administrators were harassed, threatened, or intimidated.

It told Garland that the threats “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

As Democrats are fond of saying, elections have consequences. And the consequences of November’s victories by House Republicans are that there is newfound light and transparency sweeping over actions leftists were previously able to perform under the cover of darkness.