Josh Hawley Pushes Back Against Disinformation Board

The Biden administration recently announced the creation of a Disinformation Board. The purpose of the board is to combat misleading information in the public arena. No one has explained how the government attempting to regulate speech will survive challenges in court under the First Amendment.

No one also believes that the purpose of the board has anything to do with combating misleading information. The purpose of the board is to stifle dissent and any information that runs counter to the regime’s narrative.

Pushback on social media was quick and severe. That does not mean much since keyboard jockeys do not really control public policy. Members of Congress do, however. Senator Josh Hawley immediately went on the offensive.

Senator Hawley’s legislation will not pass in the current composition of the House and the Senate. What it will do is force a vote where everyone in Congress will have to take a very public stance. It will be used for campaign fodder against vulnerable Democrats who will have to explain more regulation to constituents who are fed up with government involvement in their lives.

Large swaths of the country want life to return to normal. They see the blatant lies told to them about Covid, the economy, and inflation. No one believes that the Disinformation Board will carry out its duties in an even-handed or competent way. Especially when this lady is in charge.

For a party that bragged about having the adults back in the room, the administration certainly is filled with a lot of people pretending to be on Glee or Westwing. For the rest of us, we are witnessing the self-immolation of the Democrat party.

The midterms in November are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime defeat for the Democrats. Unless the administration can drag us into a war with Russia before then, something they are definitely trying to do, none of these people will ever be close to power again. The only question is how much damage they will do before getting voted out of office. For the moment, people like Congressman Hawley are doing their best to limit the damage.