Journalist Silenced At Clinton Rally After Question About Epstein

Anytime someone asks a Democrat a question they disagree with, they are punished. Recently, a journalist asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her husband’s relationship with deceased child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton was campaigning in Houston, Texas, on behalf of Democratic mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee when independent journalist Alex Rosen stood up demanding answers about the Clinton family’s relationship with Epstein.

Many of the liberal attendees at the event were shocked to see someone ask Clinton a question that goes against the usual far-left narrative.

“Hey, Hillary. Why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?” Rosen asked Clinton.

Clinton, of course, refused to answer the question, leading Rosen to repeat it. Video footage shows the crowd shocked, with many attendees getting up from their seats, chanting “Sheila” to draw Rosen out.

Rosen tried to get closer to Clinton but was prevented by security. Footage shows the independent journalist on the ground with several security guards dragging him out of the event by his shirt, as reported by the Post Millennial.

Clinton’s refusal to answer Rosen’s question just serves as further proof that she and her husband had some type of relationship with Epstein, who reportedly committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial for his brutal crimes.

Epstein is recorded as having visited the White House at least 17 times under then-President Bill Clinton. Flight logs show that the former president, alongside his wife, flew to Epstein Island on the “Lolita Express” about 26 times.

Epstein Island, located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is said to be the place where Epstein and other prominent celebrities, politicians, and high-life individuals traveled to take part in the pedophile’s crimes, which included physically violating little children. The island is sometimes referred to as “pedophile island.”

Upon being escorted out of Hillary’s rally, Rosen issued a public statement to his followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying, “I am not suicidal. I did not kill myself.”

The independent journalist’s comments are a reference to the many individuals who have been spontaneously murdered after claiming to have dirt on the Clinton family.