Justice Department Unlikely To Charge Matt Gaetz With Sex Trafficking

According to recent reports, Justice Department officials are electing not to move forward with sex trafficking charges against Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R).

Prosecutors reportedly cited doubts over the credibility of two key witnesses as a main factor in their decision to decline charging the embattled Gaetz, who has been staunch in his denial of any wrongdoing.

“I continue to proclaim my innocence,” he said during an interview on Friday.

As the Justice Department’s investigation collapses, many are criticizing the department for conducting what appears to have been a smear campaign.

Fox News host Jesse Watters sounded off on liberals for creating a media frenzy around allegations that Gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her travel expenses.

“This is what the left always does,” said Watters. “They’ll concoct a story, feed it to the press. The media runs with it.”

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens directed his criticism toward the FBI, calling it a “disgrace for the ages.”

“What we seem to have here is a high-profile politician being convicted in the court of public opinion of some of the most heinous behavior imaginable — trafficking a minor for sex — until the Justice Department realizes two years late that its case has fallen apart,” said Stephens.

“It should force heads to roll,” he predicted. “And Congress needs to appoint a Church-style committee or commission to reform the bureau.”

After the initial accusations against Gaetz, it appeared as if charges were inevitable when Gaetz’ former close friend and former Seminole County Tax Collector, Joel Greenberg, entered a guilty plea on six federal crimes, including a sex trafficking charge.

Gaetz, however, never budged, and now that the Justice Department has serious doubts about the credibility of their main witnesses, it appears Gaetz will emerge from the fiasco unscathed.