Kamala once again displays signs of a weird personality disorder

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There’s something off about Kamala Harris. And no, I’m not talking about her hard-left political beliefs, the lies she tells, or her endless reinventing herself for political advancement. In that regard, she’s just another leftist politician. What’s bizarre about Kamala is her inappropriate laughter about things that ought to inspire solemnity.

What makes laughter inappropriate? It’s inappropriate when you’re speaking to a crowd and you’re the only one who laughs. Of course, that can also happen to a bad comedian, but there’s no indication in the clip below that Kamala was trying to tell a joke.

Instead, Kamala is talking about the massive economic disruption thanks to the lockdown that the Democrats hammered into America. In that context, she meant to say that 2 million women had been driven out of the workforce, misspoke by saying “people,” corrected herself by saying “women people,” and then giggled inanely. See for yourself:

That’s a sociopathic response to people’s suffering. But we needn’t do an amateur armchair diagnosis to point to the problems with Kamala’s giggle.

It’s entirely possible that she gave a nervous giggle because she made a mistake. However, that would be equally inappropriate. This is a woman who is literally one heartbeat away from leading what is still (although barely) the most powerful nation in the world. Golda Meir didn’t giggle nervously because she misspoke. Neither did Margaret Thatcher. Insecure little girls giggle; not leaders of men and women.

It’s also possible that Kamala giggled because she fully understands exactly why women have been so hard hit: They’ve been hard hit because public school teachers refuse to return to classrooms.

America’s hard-left teachers’ unions, who are major Democrat funders, are comfortable with their bunny slipper commute from bedroom to the kitchen table or home office, far from the violence that is rife in schools in Democrat-run communities, even as they continue to collect full pay and benefits. It’s a perfect situation, so they’re resolutely ignoring the fact that students neither give nor get COVID, and that there’s been no mass, or even mini, die-off of teachers who are back in the classroom.

So maybe Kamala is giggling because she knows that her party and her policies the biggest part of why 2 million “women people” have dropped out of the workforce. She may also have giggled because she’s worried: It turns out that at least some of these women, having gotten a clear-eyed view of the teachers at the children’s schools have decided that maybe a career isn’t as important as they thought it was. Maybe they can do better for their children.

So, no matter how you view it, there’s something off about Kamala’s little giggle. Maybe she’s a sociopath, maybe she’s shamefully insecure and immature, or maybe she spoke about a problem that she knows is her fault (as the backup to the lead Democrat in America, her boss, Joe Biden). No matter the cause, everyone ought to view that nervous little giggle as a tell that there’s a problem in the White House.