Kamala’s Speechwriter Jumping Ship after Only Four Months

Less than four months after taking the job, Vice President Kamala Harris’ latest director of speechwriting has reportedly decided to jump ship, announcing that she is leaving her position on the same day that one of Harris’ closest aides departed her office.

Two people familiar with the matter reportedly informed Politico that Meghan Groob, Harris’ director of speechwriting, will be leaving her role.

According to the outlet, Groob was hired in April, having previous experience as a speechwriter for Bill Gates.

Her departure doesn’t come as a complete shock, however, as Harris has been repeatedly criticized for her public remarks. The vice president is widely known for making long, rambling speeches which some critics have dubbed “word salad.” It is unsurprising that Groob may not have wanted her name associated with Harris’ widely-panned speeches, even if many people are aware that her worst moments were more than likely off-the-cuff, and not scripted.

The Washington Post also reported on Friday that Rohini Kosoglu, who has been one of Harris’ closest and longest-serving aides, has also chosen to leave her office.

Kosoglu, who served as Harris’ chief of staff while she was in the senate as well as on Harris’ short-lived presidential campaign, publicly dismissed the notion that she was leaving the White House due to staff instability, instead saying that she wished to spend more time with her family.

“It’s been six years, and she understands that my family’s very much looking forward to this time, and that I will always be here should she need any trusted information or counsel,” Kosoglu told the outlet regarding Harris. “Even through this time period, she’s been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me to come to this decision.”

These are not the first departures from Harris’ staff. In fact, it has apparently become a theme in this White House, especially under the vice president. At least 13 staffers have left her since the summer of 2021, including her chief of staff Tina Flournoy, national security advisor Nancy McEldowney, deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs and chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders, according to reporting from the Washington Post.

The problem extends past the vice president, though. According to a report from Politico in late May, a large number of black White House staffers had left or planned to leave President Joe Biden’s administration since last year. Describing their reasons for leaving, the staffers cited an administration that did not support them or offer decent opportunities for promotion.

The issue had become so widespread that some of the black Biden staffers coined the term “Blaxit” to describe their mass exodus from the administration, according to information provided to Politico by a current White House official and a former White House official.