Kari Lake Destroys Piers Morgan For Dismissing Election Concerns

Arizona conservative Kari Lake ripped into Piers Morgan on his “Uncensored” show after he dismissed her concerns over election integrity, saying, “I frankly don’t give a d— what you think about it.”

Lake was narrowly defeated – by less than one point – by now-Governor Katie Hobbs in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, and the conservative firebrand subsequently challenged the results in court.

Despite providing the court with what Lake called a “mountain of hard evidence,” Lake’s team lost the case, and Hobbs’ victory was confirmed.

In the interview with Morgan, things got testy when the host asserted that “it’s pretty clear” Lake lost to Hobbs.

“There’s been no independent corroboration that there was anything fraudulent about this election. In fact, it’s pretty clear that you lost to Katie Hobbs,” Morgan said.

“There’s a mountain of hard evidence. And when we presented it in our trial, the other side didn’t even dispute the evidence. They didn’t,” Lake responded.

“We can’t continue to run elections this way. And we know that we won and we’re going to continue to fight this in a court of law. And it’s really rich that you’re sitting across the pond acting like you know what happened on Election Day.”

Lake then ripped Morgan for commenting on her election in Arizona when he himself never bothered to cover the event, despite plenty of international media being present.

“I did not see your smiling face. We had lots of international media here covering Election Day in Arizona. Yours is one face I didn’t see,” she said.

Morgan then brought former President Donald Trump into the discussion, ripping both he and Lake for threatening “democracy” by refusing to accept shoddily-run elections.

“There does come a point when for the future of democracy, you and Donald Trump have to accept at some point you lost an election. Otherwise, the entire system collapses,” Morgan said.

Lake shot back by describing what she has heard from Arizonans across the state: that their ballots – for her – were rejected on Election Day.

Lake continued:

“I can’t walk 10 feet without an Arizonan saying, ‘I voted for you. Everybody I know voted for you. Our ballot was rejected on Election Day. Please keep fighting for us.’ I’m fighting for the people of Arizona. And I don’t mean any offense to you, but I frankly don’t give a d— what you think about it. I’m fighting for the people of Arizona.”

The issue of faulty ballot machines, which was widespread in some of Arizona’s most populous counties, forced thousands of Arizonans to vote later on in the day..

Lake later asserted that she would be taking her election battle in Arizona to the Supreme Court.