Kari Lake Just Dismantled The Fake News

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake is trailblazing her way to becoming the next governor of the state. Lake remains on the ground, campaigning in a grassroots fashion, and letting voters know she’s willing to go to work for them.

The Arizona gubernatorial candidate is committed to upholding parental rights, school choice, reducing taxes, and putting the people first. Running against Lake is Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is so scared of Lake she won’t debate her.

However, Democrats with an interest in running cover for Hobbs frequently accuse Lake of being a so-called “election denier.” The Arizona Republican is now fighting back against this narrative.

Calling Out the Fake News
During a campaign event, Lake was questioned by a reporter about election denial. She responded to this by pointing out the media’s selective coverage on this issue.

As Lake points out, Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and many others denied the outcomes of elections when it suited them.

When Democrats spent four years claiming that former President Trump’s win in 2016 was the result of Russian collusion, the media never once called these officials “election deniers” or “dangers to democracy.”

After this, Lake responded to the reporter with a question of her own. The Arizona Republican asked why the media deems it OK for Democrats to raise doubts about elections, but not GOP members.

She also pointed out the longstanding pattern of various US elections being questioned or “denied” since 2000. Ultimately, this boils down to free speech rights in the country, which Lake affirms won’t be ripped away just because the media doesn’t like it.

More Tussles With the Media
Lake’s remarks to reporters about elections is far from the first time that she’s pushed back against a biased press.

The Arizona Republican has repeatedly called upon the media to truly hold Hobbs to task for not debating in this election. Hobbs claims she won’t debate Lake because she thinks Lake will yell at her or otherwise cause disturbances.

Meanwhile, Lake has gone on record multiple times saying that she’ll debate Hobbs anywhere and anytime.

Most Americans can agree that if a Republican candidate were repeatedly refusing to debate a Democrat who expressed openness to a debate in any forum, the media would be all over it.