LAPD Tells Inhabitants Not To Stand Up To Being Ransacked

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) told city residents this week to “cooperate and comply” with assailants when they are being robbed. The department issued a “Community Alert Notification” through a tweet on Tuesday that included instructions not to resist being robbed in any way.

The official notification says that the department is issuing it because of increased violent street robberies and an increasing number of “follow-home” robberies. Follow-home robberies occur when robbers locate victims in public and then follow them to their homes or business before committing a robbery.

The notification describes seven points of instruction for city residents in dealing with the ongoing surge in violent robberies. One of the instruction points tells residents that if they are being robbed, “do not resist.” Victims are told to “cooperate and comply” with the demands of the criminal and to “be a good witness.”

California has some of the country’s strongest gun control laws, restricting the right of citizens to carry a weapon in public and maintaining a ban on “assault weapons” for decades. The state also limits the number of guns a citizen can buy in a month, and a concealed carry permit requires a showing of “good cause” to the satisfaction of a state bureaucrat.

No firearms are ever permitted for carrying on a school campus for self-defense, and state law prohibits teachers from possessing a gun to defend students and staff in classrooms. All gun purchases require a ten-day waiting period before taking possession and require registration of assets.

The state also has a “red flag” law restricting the right to possess a firearm without any criminal conviction. California also requires background checks for simple ammunition purchases and state licensing for ammunition dealers.

California’s highly restrictive and constitutionally questionable restrictions on self-defense coupled with instructions from the LAPD to react with passive compliance to being violently assaulted leaves little wonder as to why so many people are fleeing the state as quickly as they can.