Laura Loomer Detained In Illinois After Confronting James Comey

In a startling affront to free speech in America, journalist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer was reportedly detained by authorities after confronting former FBI Director James Comey.

The disgraced former head of the bureau was hosting a book signing event in Illinois on Monday, and Loomer stood up with a question. She asked Comey why a criminal is writing crime novels,” which led to him exiting the stage.

It also led to a close encounter between Loomer and law enforcement.

Loomer tweeted afterward that she was “just ILLEGALLY DETAINED by Naperville police after I confronted the former, criminal FBI Director James Comey.” She added that Comey abruptly left the stage and that there is “video coming soon!”

She told her social media followers that it was “too bad” that she was escorted out by the police.

Loomer added that she wanted to get copies of Comey’s book personally signed for friends such as Gen. Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. Her post ended with #LOOMERED, a term she uses after confronting a political leader or public figure about misdeeds.

Flynn posted tongue-in-cheek after the incident, “Homey don’t play that game.” He added that Comey wished his book was a bestseller despite all the accolades he received “from his butt kissers in the MSM.”

Interviewed by the Gateway Pundit, Loomer declared she found irony in the situation of a “real-life criminal” penning crime novels and not actually spending time behind bars “for conspiring against a sitting president.”

She added that it “takes a criminal to know one” and opined that the book might be classified as a manifesto instead of a novel.

Comey was fired from leading the FBI in 2017 while spearheading the investigation into the thoroughly debunked charges that Trump colluded with Russian authorities to influence the 2016 election.

In a Sunday interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, the former bureau head speculated that prosecutors are under “intense pressure” to issue an indictment of Trump ahead of him possibly becoming the 2024 Republican nominee.

He referenced reports that Special Counsel Jack Smith had a recording of the former president discussing the classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in July 2021.

Comey put a lot of emphasis on these tapes and possible prosecution of Trump.

Despite the embarrassment of his firing over a clearly political investigation, Comey has not retreated into the shadows. As Loomer referenced, he remains a liberal media darling in some circles and has been afforded credibility he should not possess.