Law Enforcement Under Scrutiny Over Uvalde Shooting Response

The United States continues to grieve last week’s shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Many families are forever changed, while community members are working to heal from the trauma they endured.

In the days since the shooting in Uvalde, debates about gun control, mental health, and security measures in schools surged. The left has overwhelmingly been arguing that gun control is the lone solution to stopping mass shootings.

Meanwhile, Americans are on the right contend that mental health reform, along with treating schools with the same levels of security that banks and airports receive, remains critical to preventing repeats of Uvalde.

However, there’s another element to various conversations stemming from the shooting at Reed Elementary School. This deals with the response of law enforcement officers who were on the scene.

Public Discontent with Police Reactions to the Shooting
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, children who were trapped inside Robb Elementary School amid Tuesday’s shooting made repeated calls to 911, asking for help.

Meanwhile, reports also surfaced that parents were standing outside, begging for police officers to go in amid the gunman’s rampage. During this time, police allegedly were working on a strategy while kids were being shot.

Also, when certain parents tried to go into the schools themselves, police officers reportedly held them back.

Eventually, law enforcement did enter Robb Elementary School and take out the shooter; though, as reports come out, police are accused of waiting too long to enter and not doing all they could to save as many lives as possible.

Outrage From the Texas Governor
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has spoken out in the wake of news that Uvalde police failed to immediately go in, stop the gunman, and prevent more loss of life.

This past Friday, Abbott told the media he was previously misinformed about police action in the wake of the shooting. The governor then confirmed he’s “livid” over this and stated his remarks on Wednesday were based on the incorrect information he was given.

Later, Abbott made a point of calling for Uvalde police and the shooting at large to be thoroughly reviewed to figure out what happened.

In the meantime, Uvalde police remain under widespread criticism stemming from the accounts of parents and others on the scene. Officers who are reported as holding parents back outside and not going in amid the shooting are facing calls to lose their jobs.