Leaked Sources Suggest Kamala Harris As Biden’s Replacement For 2024 Election

Seven senior sources within the Biden administration and Democratic Party have indicated that Vice President Kamala Harris is being considered as a potential replacement for President Joe Biden in the upcoming election. This information, shared with Reuters, highlights growing concerns within the Biden campaign following his recent debate performance and mounting calls for him to step down.

This development marks the fourth significant leak about Biden in just two days. Previous leaks included details about Biden’s preparation routines, internal staff apprehensions, and former President Barack Obama’s doubts about Biden’s political strength. While the White House has denied the accuracy of some of these leaks, the conversation around Biden’s viability continues.

Harris is seen as a favorable alternative due to her high name recognition and stronger polling numbers against former President Donald Trump, as reported by CNN. Additionally, Biden’s campaign funds could be easily redirected to support Harris.

However, Harris faces challenges, including a low approval rating of 39%, which falls short of the 50% typically needed for reelection success. Moreover, her tenure as the border czar has been criticized for failing to secure the southern border.

Political analysts note that replacing Biden on all 50 state ballots would be a logistical challenge. Additionally, shifting financial support to a new candidate and finding a viable alternative might prove difficult for the Democratic Party.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile emphasized the current ticket structure, noting that Harris is already positioned as Biden’s successor. Some, like former Hillary Clinton strategist Michael Trujillo, believe Harris has substantial delegate support, making her a strong contender if Biden steps aside.