Leon Panetta Getting Rusty, Worst Lie of the Biden Team

President Biden’s Europe trip last week may go down as one of the most gaffe-filled overseas trips by a U.S. President in modern history. It was so bad that the mainstream media has been forced to report on the President’s missteps. There have been many reasons that have been used by the White House to walk back his various attempts to unilaterally change policy.

Biden’s comment on the need for regime change in Russia, by saying Putin cannot remain in power, has been causing the biggest uproar. Officials have said that Biden was speaking from his heart while others have said the President has been referring to Russia’s use of power outside its border. No one thinks these statements are true, but they are at least plausible on their face. The worst excuse for Biden’s comments came from former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

The left is notorious for viewing everything from the viewpoint of race. This is the first time that a person’s heritage has been used to excuse a President of a country from calling for regime change and escalating the chances of nuclear war. Panetta’s explanation for the President’s gaffe is so ridiculous that it could be a Babylon Bee headline. It is no wonder that our foreign adversaries do not take us as a deterrent for their actions. We are not led by serious people.

Our institutional press, the supposed watch dog of power, eagerly accepts fantasy explanations and routinely distorts reality to further partisan goals. No mainstream reporter is willing to pursue the obvious fact that the President may be suffering from dementia. This is a relevant fact given that President Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief and is currently engaged in a proxy war with a nuclear armed Russia. His ability (or inability) to think clearly and make good decisions has dramatic consequences for the rest of us.

Instead, we allow people to gloss over his potentially life-threatening mistakes because of his ‘Irish heart.’ This type of excuse is not acceptable for surgeons, pilots, or even mechanics. If we allow this to continue regarding our leadership, we will regret it for generations to come.