Liberal Media Admits Democrats Will Lose Midterm Elections

As Nov. 8 approaches and Republicans look poised to take over at least one chamber of Congress, even prominent members of the liberal media are admitting that Republicans will defeat Democrats in the upcoming election.

Just a few weeks ago, the liberal media published stories claiming the anticipated red wave was losing momentum due to President Joe Biden’s “legislative victories on climate, health care, and gun violence.”

But with the midterm elections quickly approaching, some liberal media members are beginning to change their tune.

For example, New York Times reporter Blake Hounshell recently wrote an article entitled, “Democrats’ Feared Red October Has Arrived.”

“Here’s the thing about elections: When they break, they usually break in one direction,” wrote Hounshell. “And right now, all the indicators on my political dashboard are blinking red — as in, toward Republicans.”

“For Democrats hoping that this midterm election might be different from most others, normalcy is bad news,” he continued. “The Senate, where Democrats have huge cash advantages in races that are driven much more by personality, still looks like a tossup.”

Recent polls confirm Hounshell’s account. Republicans are in contention for the Senate races in every battleground state in the nation, performing well in Nevada, Georgia, and Ohio. In contrast, Democrats are behind in critical states, such as Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Zitner also signaled a defeat for Democrats in the midterm elections.

“A surge of good news for Democrats in the summer and early fall, as well as a burst of Democratic engagement in the election after the Supreme Court ended federal abortion rights in June, appears to have given way to the factors that traditionally weigh on the president’s party in a midterm election,” he wrote. “Democratic leads in many Senate races have declined, according to aggregated polls, and Democratic candidates now trail in surveys in Wisconsin and Nevada, where they were once ahead.”

“Control of both chambers hangs in the balance,” Zitner added.

The Hill reporter Caroline Vakil concurred, saying, “Democrats are increasingly worried that Republicans will make gains in deep-blue strongholds such as New York and Oregon as the winds appear to shift in the GOP’s favor ahead of next month’s midterm elections.”

In recent interviews, Democrats have been unable to explain soaring inflation and the faltering economy, which is a huge problem, because 93% of registered voters said they are most concerned with inflation and the economy during this year’s midterm election vote.