Mace Hits Democrats With ‘The Facts’ During Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

During the impeachment inquiry hearing on Thursday, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) tore into her Democrat colleagues for falsely claiming that no evidence exists to support the argument that President Joe Biden was involved in his family’s influence-peddling schemes.

“Total bulls—t. It’s a lie,” Mace said, arguing that House Democrats comments represent “complete and total hypocrisy.”

The South Carolina congresswoman went on to cite “the facts” — including that House Republicans have evidence that the “Biden family teamed up with Chinese company CEFC to make millions off of granting access to Joe Biden” in 2017, along with evidence that Hunter Biden “even arranged for Joe Biden to share office space with the” Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aligned company.

“My Democratic colleagues say none of this is relevant because Joe Biden wasn’t vice president while his family did these shady deals,” Mace continued, noting that Hunter Biden had previously “referred to access to his father as the keys to his ‘family’s only asset.’”

“Those words are going to come back and haunt Hunter Biden and his family forever,” she added.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who appeared as a witness in the impeachment inquiry hearing, appeared to agree with Mace’s comments during his testimony — explaining that monetary benefits being received by Biden family members are benefits to Joe Biden, thus he is implicated in wrongdoing.

“As I point out in the testimony, courts have found that various benefits to family members can be attributed as a benefit to the principal. That has included everything from throwing a golf contest in the favor of a son of a politician to paying for gifts,” Turley said.

“In fact, I was lead counsel in the last…impeachment trial for a judge, and that was the trial in the U.S. Senate,” he added. “My client, Judge [Thomas] Porteous, was accused, among other things, of benefits going to his family. And so there’s certainly precedent, not only in criminal cases but in impeachment cases for making that next [claim].”

Thus far, the Republican-led House Oversight Committee has released numerous Biden business bank records — which reveal that the Biden family business received at least $20 million from schemes in China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan. Nine Biden family members have been confirmed to have received payments from the family’s foreign business schemes, including two of the president’s grandchildren.