Maher Mocks Lemon Whining About Being ‘Only Person Of Color In The Room’

Don Lemon, who was fired from CNN last year over his outrageous comments and creating a hostile work environment, was mocked by leftist comedian Bill Maher during his show on Friday after Lemon whined about being “the only person of color in the room.”

Lemon’s comments came during a segment of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, where he appeared alongside Maher and New York University professor Scott Galloway. The segment began with a discussion of the rapidly escalating anti-Israel protests and riots taking place on college campuses across the United States.

Maher began the discussion with a lengthy monologue about the anti-Israel protests, arguing that this is what happens when “activism merges with narcissism” — as he called out the far-left’s ridiculous strategy of blocking traffic, noting that it has the opposite effect on the public, as it makes the average person hate the protesters for making their lives more difficult.

“You’d have to be pretty dumb to think that the way to bring people around to your point of view is to make them late to pick up their kids from day care,” the leftist comedian said.

“And that’s what most normies are thinking, ‘I have a kid. I have a job. And yes, I’m sure there are injustices on both sides in the Middle East as there are injustices all over the world, but I’m going to be late for work,’ something you protesters on the bridge seemed to have the luxury of not having to worry about, which seems kind of privilege,” Maher added.

Maher, Lemon and Galloway all agreed with the assertion that the protests are antisemitic, though the former CNN host declared them to be a “fad” — while also suggesting that the demonstrations could be a learning experience for the students.

“I’m not minimizing what’s going on, but it teaches some of these students to deal with discomfort,” Lemon said.

He then immediately pivoted to race-baiting while trying to make himself appear as a victim, which is one of Lemon’s favorite tactics to “win” an argument.

“I’m different than you guys. I’m a black gay man, so I live in uncomfortable spaces all the time,” Lemon whined.

“Uncomfortable spaces?” Maher questioned.

“I’m often the only person of color in the room,” the former CNN host responded.

Maher quickly fired back at Lemon’s outrageous comment, stating: “There’s only three of us here. Come on.”

The response prompted laughter and cheers from Maher’s audience.

Many on social media were also quick to mock Lemon for his attempted self-victimization, with some responding to his comments about being “the only person of color in the room” by pointing out that the race-baiter “married a white guy.”

“He is a race baiter who rails against Whites. Ironically he just ‘married’ a White man,” another user agreed.

Podcast host and former leftist Dave Rubin also mocked Lemon in a recent episode of his podcast — declaring that Lemon has “no discernable talent” and thus he has to “play the victim.”