Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledging Americans Want Less Immigration

Mainstream media outlets are coming around to the fact that most Americans are against President Joe Biden’s weak border policies and prefer to have secure borders and lower migration.

Polls on top of polls show U.S. citizens oppose the current high rate of both legal and illegal immigration. This despite years of political leaders and left-wing journalists exhorting the values of waves of millions of migrants pouring across the borders.

The headlines finally speak the truth.

Axios declared on Feb. 15 that “America turns against immigration.” added an editorial comment in their headline on Feb. 14, saying that “The U.S. economy needs immigrants. A rising share of both Democrats and Republicans don’t want them.”

On Feb. 13, announced, “Americans are dissatisfied with immigration: poll.” And on Feb. 14, the Washington Post said “America’s pro-immigration moment wanes.”

Why is the mainstream media now admitting that the nation is fed up with open borders? They can no longer deny the evidence laid out in front of them, and even Democrats are beginning to acknowledge that current levels of uncontrolled migration cannot last.

The Axios report noted the evidence cited by the Gallup poll that showed the number of Americans wanting lower immigration has dramatically surged since President Joe Biden took office.

Only 28% of Americans say they are satisfied with the current immigration levels. Overall satisfaction with immigration peaked during former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

Not coincidentally, that was also the peak of the White House’s aggressive border policies that brought illegal migration levels somewhat under control. In fact, the only four times the data showed less than 30% of Americans wanted immigration decreased were under Trump.

Of course, his successful policies were immediately changed when Biden was sworn in.

A Fox News poll last month showed 49% of Americans support a decrease in legal migration, while 43% favor an increase. The poll showed Blacks are split 45% to 45% in support and opposition of increased immigration.

And only 28% believe increased immigration is a positive for the economy. The results clearly proved that voters are not buying the narrative that the U.S. economy needs more low-wage and low-skill workers. Now the mainstream media is forced to own up to that truth.