Mainstream Media Plays Defense For Kathy Hochul

With years of Democratic leadership, the state of New York is in shambles. Crime rates are skyrocketing and people are simply not safe. In spite of this, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) does not want to face the facts.

When Hochul debated Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), the Republican challenging her for the New York governor’s office, she severely downplayed crime. Hochul, at one point, even asked why Zeldin cares so much about locking up criminals.

Zeldin is running on a platform that largely involves bringing law and order back to New York. This means getting rid of cashless bail laws and truly holding criminals accountable for their actions.

As the New York Republican’s message gains traction with residents of the state, the mainstream media is now aiming to provide cover for Hochul.

A Pitiful Defense of a Failed Governor
City & State New York, along with other left-wing publications are arguing that Hochul’s struggles with favorability have to do with her being a woman. Therefore, opposition to Hochul is being written off by the left as misogynistic, rather than as an indictment of her failed leadership.

When Zeldin pressed Hochul on crime during their gubernatorial debate, the governor repeatedly spoke about getting illegal guns off the streets.

Zeldin had to repeatedly point out that many of the crimes — such as rapes and people being pushed in front of moving subways — in the state are not being committed by gun-wielding individuals.

Ironically, New York has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation amid suffering from worsening crime problems.

Many New Yorkers do not take well to Hochul’s cavalier attitude towards crime or her lack of regard for people’s rights to legal self-defense amid growing lawlessness. These issues, not Hochul’s gender, are why she is facing pushback from voters in her state.

Facts Over Feelings
Regardless of how pundits in left-wing media feel about the current New York governor, her policies, in the best of scenarios, are failing. In the worst-case scenarios, they are costing people their lives.

If Zeldin wins his election and becomes the next governor of the Empire State, things will finally be able to turn around. New Yorkers will be able to look forward to safer streets and the ability to ride the subway without fearing for their lives.

If Hochul stays in office, what is happening now will look like a picnic, when compared to what lies ahead.