Man Calls For ‘Divorce’ During California’s Heated Reparations Meeting

Things heated up at a recent California Reparations Task Force meeting when multiple people denounced the U.S. for its role in slavery, with one calling for a “divorce.”

The last meeting of the Reparations Task Force in Sacramento occurred a month after a nine-member panel recommended that California state legislators direct over $1 million in reparations to Black residents because of slavery and past discrimination. Despite this, a man named Reggie Romaine was not satisfied with the proposed amount of money.

“This reparations task force, I appreciate y’all, but you all opened up a whole can of worms. I’m going to tell you this: reparations is about ‘repair.’ To me, I qualify. I’m going to tell you how you repair this,” Romaine said, as reported by Fox News. “First of all, America, from the evidence that they gave us, you’re guilty.”

While referencing the debunked 1619 project, which falsely claimed that the U.S. was founded to protect slavery, Romaine accused the U.S. of “marrying” Black Americans and now owes them a divorce settlement.

Romaine said the U.S. “kidnapped” Black Americans and violated Black men, women, and children.

“So, therefore, you married us!” Romaine added. “Don’t treat us like no cheap piece of meat! So, therefore, our last name’s ‘American!’ So now’s the time for a divorce! What do you get in divorce? You get half the money, half the land, alimony, child support, attorney fees, and everything else! So that’s what we want!”

Dom Tamaki, a Japanese-American attorney and task force member, said he sees a resemblance between the Black American fight for reparations and the Japanese-American fight for reparations.

“If it wasn’t for the Black Civil Rights Movement, where would we be?” Tamaki told NBC News. “That whole movement changed the culture a lot. And it changed us. And so it began this movement toward redress and reparations.”

California state Sen. Steven Bradford (D), a task force member, recently said that reparations “likely won’t happen with one legislative cycle or two legislative cycles, or one bill.”

Breitbart News reported that the task force had previously recommended that California look into its past housing ordinances to rectify any discrimination.

Although initially opposing reparations, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) now supports the proposal.