Media Changes Narrative On Jan. 6, Appearing To Protect Ray Epps

The mainstream media has abruptly changed their tune about the January 6 Capitol protests. After previously characterizing the event as an “insurrection” and even claiming it was a “seditious conspiracy,” several outlets have coincidentally begun using less harsh terminology in articles appearing to defend Ray Epps or dismiss the allegations against him.

While reporting on the news of a lawsuit filed against Fox News by Epps — who is infamous for being caught on video instigating protesters into breaking down barricades and entering the Capitol building, but never being arrested for it — the mainstream media used terms such as “demonstrations” and “rallies” to describe the events of January 6, 2021.

One example is the far-left Washington Post, who previously used the word “insurrection” to describe the protests but is now using the phrase “pro-Trump rallies.”

“Ray Epps attended the pro-Trump rallies in Washington in January 2021 but was not among the people found to have breached the Capitol building and has not been charged for his conduct,” the outlet wrote.

Epps is suing Fox News for “defamation” because several Fox personalities, including former host Tucker Carlson, spoke about the theory that Epps was a federal agent — a theory that was proposed because Epps was never charged for telling people to “go into the Capitol” numerous times on video during the incident. He even admitted in congressional testimony that he had texted his nephew about January 6, writing: “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.”

While Epps escaped charges, numerous people were arrested, charged, or even held without trial in Washington, D.C., for doing far less.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson previously detailed the media’s attempts to cover up for Epps during a segment on his show.

Another left-wing outlet, Bloomberg, previously described the event as an “attack on the US Capitol” — but is now calling them the “Jan. 6, 2021, protests.”

“A former Marine who voted for Donald Trump and joined the Jan. 6, 2021, protests sued Fox News,” Bloomberg wrote.

The New York Times previously subscribed to the “insurrection” narrative and repeatedly called the event a “riot,” but is now referring to the Capitol protests as “demonstrations.”

The left-wing outlet wrote that Epps “took part in demonstrations in Washington,” and later referred to the events as “pro-Trump demonstrations on and around Jan. 6.”

Far-left Rolling Stone has called those who participated in the January 6 protests “insurrectionists” — but is now changing their tune to give Epps the benefit of the doubt, using the language from his attorneys that Epps is “a Trump supporter that participated in the protests on January 6th.”

The mainstream media, including CNN, have consistently tried to smear anyone who asks why Epps hadn’t been arrested — calling them “conspiracy theorists” and publishing puff pieces about the “former Trump supporter” who has been “harassed.”

Epps was even interviewed by CBS’ “60 Minutes.” In the softball interview, he was portrayed as the victim of “attacks” by Carlson and other right-wing commentators.