Men’s Infertility On The Rise: Will The Human Race Be Infertile By 2050?

New research on declining sperm counts threatens a further decline in the natural human race. Current trends in sperm counts suggest that humans may have increased trouble reproducing by 2050. The average man is projected to have a sperm count of zero, which indicates that half of all men will not produce any sperm while the other half will be left with so little production that they will be functionally infertile. The problem exists globally as research spans North America, Europe, Australia, South and Central America, Asia, and Africa.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been keeping a close eye on the growing issue calling it a “crisis of masculinity.” To the news anchor’s credit, a team of researchers has been analyzing sperm count data from 53 countries that have not been previously considered, and they have found that those countries suffer from the same “significant decline” in total sperm counts and sperm concentrations as those from previous studies in the West. Researchers show that the rapid decline has been occurring since 2000 on a global scale.

A few of the professors from the research team have spoken out about the issue in press releases. Prof. Hagai Levine said, “we’re seeing a worldwide decline in sperm counts of over 50% in the past 46 years.” Levine added that a call to promote healthier environments would be the next best step to combat the issue. It’s time to reduce exposures and behaviors affecting reproductive health to maintain a growing population and save society.

Another researcher, Prof. Shanna Swan, predicted an imminent “spermageddon” scenario by 2050 in her book Countdown. The study doesn’t investigate or pinpoint the causes of the decline in sperm. But researchers like Swan believe that “lifestyle choices and chemicals in the environment” play a vital role.

Very similar to female infertility, the obesity epidemic and endocrine disruptors are powerfully implicated in the male fertility decline. The obesity problem goes beyond the scope of the United States or the developed UK; the world is getting fatter and participating in less physical activity. Plus, endocrine disruptors like BPA and phthalates, essential to industrial manufacturing, are exposed to almost everyone on the planet.

The masculinity crisis should be taken seriously and not overlooked by a political agenda to subdue men. Regardless of skin color or place of birth, sperm decline is a growing problem that has gone unnoticed for too long. It’s essential to take an interest in solving this issue before it grows further away from control.