Merrick Garland Lied About DOJ Operation Against Parents According To New Whistleblower Documents

A whistleblower has come forward with documents that indicate Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland did not testify under oath truthfully before Congress recently. Garland’s testimony regarding weaponizing the DOJ against parents speaking out at school board meetings is being placed in even more doubt as a result.

During his previous testimony, Garland said that the DOJ and FBI were not targeting parents in a counterterrorism operation. The new documents show that the counterterrorism division was involved in the matter and was being instructed to “tag” parents as possible terror threats.

Christopher Rufo posted the email to his Twitter account that shows Garland was not forthcoming in his testimony about investigations into parents. Rufo has advocated for parental rights, especially in opposition to including Critical Race Theory in public school instruction.

The disclosed email recognizes Garland’s directive as the driving force behind bringing in the counterterrorism division to start “tagging” threats. The unfounded and politically driven letter from the National School Board Association began the process prompted with Garland’s instructions.

A unique investigative “tag” was created for the operation, labeling targets who expressed disagreement with school boards, teachers, and staff with the tag “EDUOFFICIALS.” The email went on to lay out three investigative tests to score the possible threat.

When Garland testified under oath last month, he said that he “could not imagine” any circumstances that would lead to parents speaking out to school boards being “labeled as domestic terrorism.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that Garland “has some explaining to do” now that it is apparent that the FBI was, in fact, tagging parents for investigation.

The same problem that always comes up with an untruthful DOJ official applies in this situation. There is no substantial chance that Garland is going to have himself charged with lying to Congress. It should be evident that the Biden administration will not do anything to investigate the matter independently.

Time will tell if the whistleblower will face a response from the DOJ and FBI for exposing Garland’s untruthfulness.