Mexican Human Trafficker Sentenced to Federal Prison for Shooting at USBP Agents

A federal judge in Del Rio, Texas, has sentenced a human smuggler from Mexico to nearly 18 years in prison for shooting at U.S. Border Patrol agents in January.

Sergio Trevino, 35, was sentenced to 120 months for using a firearm during a violent crime and 94 months for assaulting a federal officer. The sentences were set by the judge to run end-to-end. Trevino is a Mexican national and will be subject to deportation when he is released from federal prison.

Trevino was sentenced following his conviction based on his guilty plea entered in March.

Trevino was traveling with Jesseca Ann Whitmire, 28, in January when the pair picked up six illegal migrants from Honduras near Bracketville, Texas. They headed north from there into the interior of Texas.

Border Patrol agents attempted to pull Trevino over and he drove on, leading to a high-speed chase. As the pursuit went on, Trevino fired a handgun several times at the two agents attempting to apprehend the group.

The chase saw speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and lasted almost a half-hour. Assisting agents were finally able to stop Trevino’s vehicle by using spike strips to blow out its tires. Trevino then attempted to flee on foot before finally being caught.

Trevion later told agents that he had been hired by an associate in Houston to transport the group of migrants to San Antonio for $2,000.

Whitmore told authorities she had been promised $500 to assist in transporting the illegal migrants. She pleaded guilty to a charge of human smuggling and currently awaits sentencing. Both she and Trevino have been in federal custody since their arrests in January.

U.S. Attorney Ashley C. Hoff said that Trevino endangered not only the lives of the Border Patrol agents but also the migrants he was transporting and everyone else on the road that day. She said that she was thankful no one was seriously harmed by “his senseless and dangerous actions.” She thanked the agents from the Border Patrol, FBI, and ATF who worked to bring him to justice “so that he will no longer be a threat to the community for many years to come.”