Michigan voter reveals how the Democrat push to impeach President Trump is backfiring

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Michigan is a key state that presidential candidates must secure if they want a legitimate shot at the White House. In eight of the last 10 presidential elections, the eventual winner also won Michigan.Ditch the fake news ==> Click here to get news you can trust sent right to your inbox. It’s free!

If a new report from CNN is any indication of voter sentiment in The Great Lakes State, then Democrats are in major trouble heading into the 2020 election.

Voters who spoke with CNN this week told the news network they were unsure if they would support Trump in the 2020 election — one even admitting that he was considering placing his vote for Joe Biden — but now that Democrats are pushing to impeach Trump, they know for sure who they will vote for next year.

John Skantze told CNN that just six months ago he was considering voting for Biden. But now that has changed completely.

“They are there for one thing now and one thing only and that’s to try to impeach the president,” Skantze said.

According to CNN, Skantze said he now supports the president “more than ever.”

Indeed, as another voter told CNN, “I think it’s a lot of people just don’t like him and they want him out of office. The left and the media.”


CNN’s Van Jones sounded the alarm against impeachment this week, calling the push a “lose-lose” for Democrats. Jones said that he does not foresee positive outcomes for Democrats if they continue to push impeachment.

“If you go through with impeachment, though, you divide the country further, you take the oxygen away from your candidates, and you still don’t solve the problem of foreign interference. Just because you impeach a president, it doesn’t mean you don’t still have the problem of foreign interference. It’s a big mess,” he said.

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