Migrant Who Traveled to DC Tells Gripping Story

Illegal immigration continues to thrive in Joe Biden’s America. For more than one year, Republicans have been calling for the Biden administration to reverse policies that allow, incentivize, and reward illegal crossings.

Since the president’s been clear that he has no intentions of making these changes, border states like Texas and Arizona have begun acting on their own accord. Both states are building physical barriers at the southern border, along with having migrants transported to left-wing sanctuary cities like Washington DC.

Now, one of the migrants who was bussed from Arizona to Washington DC has a very interesting story to share.

The Story Every American Should Know
During a conversation with a Western Journal reporter, one father from Venezuela explained the dangers migrants face when they’re coming to the United States.

According to this father, he and his family traveled through the jungle and on a train to get to America. During this time, they encountered thieves and corpses of people who passed away on their journey to make it to the states.

After finally getting out of Venezuela, this family then journeyed through Colombia and Panama. They faced the unpleasant circumstances of only getting by on river water and walking through these areas for nearly two weeks at a time.

Before this family could arrive at the Mexican border, they first had to get through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Before crossing from Mexico to Arizona, a $100 fee was paid to human smugglers who didn’t even get them across the border.

Finally, the family’s journey was complete when they surrendered to Border Patrol officials working on the southern border.

A Frighteningly Common Pattern
The story the Venezuelan father shared with the Western Journal is all too common in the world of illegal immigration. As he mentioned, many of the migrants trying to make it to the United States are brutalized and murdered before they can even complete the journey.

By all accounts, this father and his family are some of the fortunate ones.

Meanwhile, law enforcement continues to sound the alarm about human smugglers, human traffickers, and other unsavory criminals who are benefiting from illegal immigration. It’s become a business that comes at the expense of law, order, and human lives.

Republicans have vowed to fix issues at the southern border if they win the midterm elections in November.