Mike Pompeo Has Devastating News For Joe Biden

Mike Pompeo and many others have chimed in on President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Pompeo told Fox News that Biden needs to be held accountable not only for his current actions but for the ongoing terrorism that America might face.

Along with Pompeo, Robert J. O’Neill, the man who killed Osama Bin Laden, has been on Fox News and many others several times in the last few days telling America what kind of travesty the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been. O’Neill said, “What’s it like being a general who never met the enemy? Yes, you. @TonyT2Thomas,” referencing Tony Thomas, a retired general with the United States Special Operation Command.

O’Neill has suggested to Fox News that we bomb the Taliban while we know where they are in the presidential palace. That’s not a bad idea because the top 5 Taliban leaders utilize the palace as their base for operations. Twitter is blowing up against many veterans, mainly by the left. It’s disgusting to watch.

Biden has a difficult time making it through a sentence. During his press conference on August 22, 2021, he said, “I’ve secured agreements, we’ve secured agreements with the Gulf center, excuse me, of uh, across the Gulf and Central Asia, and in Europe including processing centers in Qatar, Germany, Kuat, Spain, and elsewhere.” Can the man not even read a teleprompter? His squinting eyes looking at the teleprompter tell you everything you need to know about his cognitive decline and lack of confidence in his ability.

The United States military has developed the Civil Reserve Fleet to use commercial aircraft and military aircraft to evacuate people from Afghanistan. Biden claims that it would have no impact on air travel for the rest of the world. Biden says that there are inclusive background checks for the Afghan refugees before them entering the United States.

These are the steps that should have been taken before Afghanistan fell and before the United States military began to leave. It’s insulting to the efforts of the Afghan people and the rest of the world.

After Biden’s press conference, he did the same thing he always does, take pre-screened questions from reporters. Former President Trump would sit for hours and take questions from the press to be transparent. Biden, not so much.

Biden says that after all this is over, he’s confident Americans will see why he did what he did and have a better understanding of it. No, Joe, Americans are pissed, and not just Republicans. Military, Civilian, Republican, Democrat, and everything in between. Everyone sees that Biden had options. He didn’t take them. There were contingency suggestions, but they weren’t considered. Biden will go down as the most incompetent and dangerous United States President.

Biden constantly makes it about leaving Afghanistan rather than how we went. It’s a diversion of questioning that shows that he had no other choice and made a good decision for the American people. Biden deceived our allies and withdrew from Afghanistan pre-maturely while having no contingency plan and no way to rescue Americans that were stuck there.

After the press conference, Biden didn’t even close the door behind him. A staff member had to close it for him.