‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Movement Furthered By Two New Jersey Radio Hosts

New Jersey radio personalities Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco have officially hopped on board the ‘minor attracted persons’ bandwagon.

The pair, both hosts for WKXW-FM, each published separate blogs to the stations website conveying their beliefs that there’s an unwarranted public stigma associated with teachers who engage in sexual acts with underage students.

In an article titled “NJ Teachers + Students = Sex (Opinion),” Malloy referenced the recent arrest of a 24-year-old male high school teacher for having sex with his 17-year-old student.

“This young man faces sexual assault charges that could put him in prison and label him as a sex offender for the rest of his life,” asserted Malloy.

He went on to place partial blame on the female student for her “poor judgment,” among other things.

“What about the young woman?” he inquired. “In many cases where this happens with a male teacher, the female student is not some shy wilting flower that was taken advantage of,” he wrote.

What Malloy fails to mention are the countless other instances where the victims are much younger.

Judi Franco’s “Let’s stop criminalizing teachers having sex with students in NJ” was more of the same.

“Just as many 17-year-old students can be seductresses as 24-year-old teachers can be casanovas. I realize that the law says this is a criminal act but let’s be grown-ups,” she argued.

Judi Franco, caught a hefty amount of public backlash for her comments defending Harvy Weinstein.

“The women’s movement was supposed to celebrate and reinforce the strength of women. Claims of sexual harassment only serve to paint women as helpless and hapless victims,” wrote Franco in 2017.

In recent years, Democrat-run cities have lobbied for similar tolerance towards violent criminals in the form of ‘defund the police’ and bail elimination movements. How’s that working out?

Advocating for leniency of any degree towards ‘minor attracted persons’ will likely lead to more child abuse. There must be a clear line drawn in the sand with severe consequences for those who overstep it.