Mitch McConnell Is Hanging Americans Out To Dry

Despite Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) being a “Republican,” many conservatives and patriots have their doubts about him.

McConnell has made a lot of decisions that lead much of the conservative movement to believe he prioritizes his own interests above the good of the nation.

In other words, the Senate Minority Leader doesn’t mind cutting a deal with Democrats if he thinks it’ll help him get more political leverage and power.

In real-time, as the United States faces a series of major crises, McConnell once again dropped the ball by voting for stopgap legislation that does more for other nations than for Americans.

A Disastrous Bill For America
The new stopgap bill that McConnell and other “Republicans” voted for hands out millions to the Ukrainian government, along with helping new Afghan refugees arrive in the states without the proper security precautions.

As Senate Minority Leader, McConnell could have very well pushed for the reduction of federal spending and a focus on fixing issues hurting Americans.

Some examples of these issues include the liberal hijacking of children’s education, a newly bloated IRS, and the empowerment of drug cartels and human traffickers, thanks to Biden’s open borders policies.

McConnell has leverage to put a hold on new spending legislation until at least some of these issues have been resolved. However, he and other elites who are supposed to represent conservative voters decided against doing this.

By throwing his weight behind this particular stopgap legislation, McConnell’s allowing business as usual to continue, even as that comes at the expense of Americans’ wellbeing.

A Troubling Pattern With McConnell
The Senate Minority Leader’s vote for this disastrous stopgap legislation comes weeks after he openly cast doubt on Republicans’ chances to take back the Senate.

By McConnell’s logic, a win for Republicans in the Senate will be harder because statewide races demand a higher quality of candidates, rather than House elections where just applicable district members vote.

After taking heat for this, the Senate Minority Leader walked it back and claimed the GOP has a 50-50 shot at winning the upper chamber.

At this rate, only time will tell what else McConnell does to further sell out the United States while increasing his own power.